Winter Safety Month

Winter Safety Month

Winter can be a wonderful time of the year, and snow is beautiful to look at and fun to play in! However, even though winter can be a great season, taking the proper precautions to keep your family safe during this time is also essential. Practicing safety in and out of the home this season is important.

In the Home

Many people use their fireplaces heavily during winter, so consider having the chimney inspected and cleaned before using it in cold weather. Having the fireplace inspected can help promote fire safety on cold winter days.

Another fire safety tip is to monitor any heaters you may use. It is a good practice to turn off heaters when leaving a room to prevent fire. You can also view this article from Vanderbilt Health for more health and safety tips regarding space heaters:,re%20using%20a%20space%20heater.

Having a winter safety kit available is another way to ensure you have the tools you need in an emergency. These items may include a flashlight, lighter, candles, a first aid kit, and more. If the power goes out, a generator could be a good item in your winter emergency kit.

Out of the home

Driving safely is crucial all the time, but especially in winter weather. Remember to drive slowly and avoid getting out on icy roads unless necessary.

Playing in the crisp winter snow is always fun, but keep an eye on the temperature to avoid hypothermia. Dress warmly, and be sure to keep clothing dry. You can find more resources for how to recognize and treat hypothermia and frostbite at

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