National Stress Awareness Month


April is designated as National Stress Awareness Month. Excess stress affects your everyday life and can lead to long-term health complications. Below are a few tactics that may help you relieve extra stress in your daily life:


Not only is exercise great for your physical body, but it can also help you relieve yourself from unwanted stress. For example, if you have had a particularly hectic day, walking or jogging may help you relax and even improve your mood. 

Eat a Balanced Diet

Balance is critical in many aspects of your health—especially your diet. Did you know that excess sugar can worsen the effects of stress? Following the food pyramid can help you feel your best and give you the outlook you need to handle stress appropriately. 

Plan Ahead

Many people attribute their stress levels to a high-stakes job or the trials and tribulations of parenthood. Of course, those situations are naturally stressful, but you can help lower your overall stress by planning ahead in other areas of life. For example, if coming home to a messy home is stressful for you, assign daily chores to family members so that the house stays clean and does not add to your mental load. 


Stress can appear in your life in many ways—from work, school, home, etc. One of the keys to combating stress is having healthy life practices that help you unwind and relax. If you have questions about stress relieving tactics or mood disorders, anxiety, or depression, Highland Family Medicine may be able to help—contact us at 615-890-4810.